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Top 3 Tools For Watermarking Photos

Do you have a bunch of beautiful photos that you worked so hard on and now you want to post online, but you’re afraid that they will be stolen? You should consider watermarking them first: it is not only a great way to protect your images, but also to promote your name or your brand. We have three amazing tools, which are perfect for this specific task: Visual Watermark, Adobe Photoshop and Watermarkly.

iPad. Fix YouTube App; Connect to iTunes at Boot

Before I get into any of this, a word of warning: Windows users, this probably won’t help you (assuming you even have these issues to begin with). For the Mac users still reading, if you’re experiencing the “Cannot connect to YouTube” error in the YouTube app, or experiencing the “Connect to iTunes” graphic every time you boot your iPad, then you may be in luck as I stumbled onto the “fix” this morning while on the phone with an iPad product specialist (one of those Senior Support guys). Also, this is likely affecting a small group of users, so I fully admit this may not be entirely applicable to you, but hey, it worked for me. Oh, and I’ll include a possible fix for the wifi not automatically rejoining networks.

OS X 10.6.2 Is Out And Nixes Atom — Netbooks Beware

I hesitated to post anything about this when it originally came out in one of the developer seeds that OS X 10.6.2, the latest update to Snow Leopard, had removed (or intentionally sabotaged unofficial) Atom support. It looked like that was certainly the case, and then a few days later another build had Atom support restored. However, 10.6.2 is officially out today and the various sites are reporting that Atom support is in fact gone.

Guide: Install OS X on Samsung N120 Netbook

Quick and dirty, this is not going to cover everything, but if you have an hour to kill, you will get OS X working on your Samsung N120 netbook, but don’t expect every last thing to work. Ready to get started? Grab your Samsung N120 netbook, iDeneb 1.4, and get these video kexts and let’s go to work.

Asus Eee PC 1000HE Netbook Review

I take a different approach to doing reviews and prefer to look at real-world use, so let’s look at the Asus Eee PC 1000HE netbook with that idea in mind. Aside from actual user impressions, I’m going to include what it’s like to use this netbook with Windows 7, OS X, and possibly linux (but I don’t promise). I’m not going to bother with running all of the benchmarks and getting the numbers, however, so if that’s what you’re looking for, please read any of the other excellent reviews that are out there. (Here’s a spoiler: it performs as well as 95% the netbooks out there.) However, if you’re looking to find out what it’s like to actually use and work on, keep reading.

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