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iPad. Fix YouTube App; Connect to iTunes at Boot

Before I get into any of this, a word of warning: Windows users, this probably won’t help you (assuming you even have these issues to begin with). For the Mac users still reading, if you’re experiencing the “Cannot connect to YouTube” error in the YouTube app, or experiencing the “Connect to iTunes” graphic every time you boot your iPad, then you may be in luck as I stumbled onto the “fix” this morning while on the phone with an iPad product specialist (one of those Senior Support guys). Also, this is likely affecting a small group of users, so I fully admit this may not be entirely applicable to you, but hey, it worked for me. Oh, and I’ll include a possible fix for the wifi not automatically rejoining networks.

If you’re looking for the fix, just scroll down, but if you’re not sure if you’re experiencing the same problems, allow me to go into a little more depth about these iPad problems and their possible solutions (and reasons behind the problems).

Working backwards, the issue with the wifi on the iPad mysteriously dropping and not rejoining may be a matter of messed up network settings. Yes, I know, how can anything get messed up when the iPad has only been out for a few days, but that seems to have been the case for me. The fix is simple:

That fix is straight from Apple support, and as said, seems to have worked for me.

Now, if you’re experiencing the YouTube app problem where it just plain won’t work (“Cannot connect to YouTube”) yet you do have internet connectivity, here’s a few things to try first:

Some people have also suggested opening the App store or iTunes store app, but that actually has nothing to do with the problem. The problem, according to Apple support, is that the iPad doesn’t have the proper tokens set up which tell it that you have activated the iPad with Apple. When you sync with iTunes, this is supposed to send the proper tokens to the iPad, as retrieve from your computer/Apple.

If this “fix” doesn’t work, keep reading.

The last issue, the “Connect to iTunes” graphic popping up after rebooting also has to do with the proper tokens not being set. Again, the Apple suggested fix is exactly as described above, except substitute reboot for open the YouTube app. Apple support also suggests reseting your iPad, which consists of holding the power and home buttons until the device reboots and the Apple logo appears on the screen. Chances are, this won’t work if re-syncing didn’t work.

So, on to the possible issue and fix.

Fix YouTube app on iPad and Connect to iTunes error

So the cause of the problem, in my case at least, looks to be the OS on the computer I am/was syncing to, and not the iPad itself. (If you read the reason for the problems above, tokens, then you’ve likely guessed this.) The computer I’m syncing to is a 2008 MacBook Pro running OS 10.5.8, which according to the iPad Support Specialist and Apple’s website, is the minimum requirement for the iPad.

However, I also have a 13″ MacBook Pro which I just this morning updated to OS X 10.6.3. Now, they’re both running iTunes 9.1 (also a minimum requirement for the iPad), so aside from the OS, everything else is the same.

So, how do you fix these broken things? Connect your iPad to a machine running OS X 10.6.3. That’s it. Really.

I connected my iPad to my 13″ MacBook Pro, did not perform a manual sync, and both the YouTube app as well as my Connect to iTunes errors immediately went away.

The iPad Support Specialist was pretty intrigued by this and was going to pass along the information to the engineering department as it certainly appears that there’s a problem with running Leopard with the iPad in some instances.

So, if you’re running into the YouTube error or the always having to sync with iTunes error, try connecting your iPad to a machine running Snow Leopard (10.6.3, even), and see if it works.

Did this work for you, or any of the other troubleshooting steps? Let me know!

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